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  • Choices for mounting Cargo Cases to the CORPS 1804 roof rack system.

    There are two main approaches to mounting cargo cases to our rack system: Select a case long enough to span the distance between the two cross-frames. Enjoy a broader range of options when you mount to the "Carrier Deck". Option 1 When properly installed the cross-frames are 50" apart from each other, measured center to center on the top surface where the mounting holes are. To comfortably mount a cargo case directly to the cross-frames you would be looking for one that is at least 55" long. Many of the popular cargo cases do not come in this length. We have identified two cases from different companies that should work as long as you do not overload them. Check out Condition 1 's model 2106 and Nanuk's model 995. For mounting methods search online for how to videos. Spoiler alert, many will have you drill trough your case to pass fasteners though to the rack. Not the most sophisticated way to do it which brings us to our second option. Option 2 Bring in the "Carrier Deck" - With this addition to the rack system you greatly expand what can easily be attached and transport.

  • How to mount a Hi-Lift jack to the CORPS 1804 rack system.

    If you have a 60"long Hi-Lift Jack you can mount it directly to the CORPS 1804 rack using Hi-Lift's own 4xRac bracket. Use either the supplied hardware with the 4xRac bracket or switch to another hardware set of equal or greater strength. We switch ours over to M8 hardware so we can use the same tools on the CORPS 1804 rack parts as the 4xRac. Making this switch does require making the slots on the 4xRac slightly bigger to fit the larger hardware. We will update this post with a DIY mounting solution in the coming weeks. If you have a shorter Hi-Lift Jack (for straight up usability, we do not recommend getting a Hi-lift less than 48" long) you can mount it to the Carrier Deck Using the same 4xRac brackets. There are four locations to fit the brackets to the Carrier Deck to give you options in positioning the jack around other gear you may be carrying.

  • Is this the rack you are looking for?

    Here are just a few things to consider when looking to purchase our roof rack system or even other companies' rack systems. Rule Number 1 - Does it make you smile? This purchase should make you smile. If it is not making you smile, then this is not the rack you are looking for. If you really like the look, function or name of another rack that makes you smile, get that one. Here is why. The rack that makes you smile will be the one you will have patience with while installation and outfitting. You will be more willing to work through difficulties in sorting out all the gear you are going to put on it than a rack that did not make you smile. It is easier to problem solve when you are happy then when you are not. It's science. Does it fit? - Bigger looks badder until you drive it into your garage door. Before you get any rack make sure you are accepting of the garage situation. How much clearance will you have? Are you stuck parking outside? Are you willing to deal with cleaning off snow and frosted windows? Will the truck fit in the garage with the rack and the gear, or just the rack? How close will it be? Do you know how much the height of you vehicle will vary from a full tank of gas to an empty one? What if the tank is empty and the spare wheel is off? How fast and how hard do you brake going into the garage? The back end may come up more than you think. How do I compare this rack to other racks? - We recommend that you compare our rack to what is commonly called a 3/4 length by other manufacturers. Capabilities will be most similar between the CORPS 1804 rack and those. Keep coming back to this post as we continue to build out the site with helpful info.

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