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These brackets are key in mounting a Roof Top Tent to the 1804 Rack. Due to our unique design, the need for the "teeter-totter strap" has been eliminated and upgraded to a traditional bolt thru design. This change allows the bolts on each bracket to work independently, so if one loosens, the other still remains tight so you do not totally loose the fastening of one corner of your tent to the rack.


Now the Roof Top Tent can be bolted directly to the cross bars which has the added advantage of locking the position of the tent left to right on the vehicle. No tent creep in high winds or highway driving.


This kit replaces the original bolts that come with your tent with shorter grade 8 bolts that make installation easier, the "Dog Bone" plate that fits under the cross frames for extra support and pads to provide a little cushion and grip between the tent rails and the cross frames.

the "Dog Bone" Roof Top Tent bracket kit

SKU: 0004

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