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How to mount a Hi-Lift jack to the CORPS 1804 rack system.

If you have a 60"long Hi-Lift Jack you can mount it directly to the CORPS 1804 rack using Hi-Lift's own 4xRac bracket. Use either the supplied hardware with the 4xRac bracket or switch to another hardware set of equal or greater strength. We switch ours over to M8 hardware so we can use the same tools on the CORPS 1804 rack parts as the 4xRac. Making this switch does require making the slots on the 4xRac slightly bigger to fit the larger hardware.

We will update this post with a DIY mounting solution in the coming weeks.

If you have a shorter Hi-Lift Jack (for straight up usability, we do not recommend getting a Hi-lift less than 48" long) you can mount it to the Carrier Deck Using the same 4xRac brackets. There are four locations to fit the brackets to the Carrier Deck to give you options in positioning the jack around other gear you may be carrying.

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