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Gear Up and Discover the Great Outdoors

Hello, I am Sean Flickinger, a professional Industrial Designer with over 25 years of experience designing products for companies such as GT Bicycles, DeWalt, Ford Motor Company, Husqvarna, Magpul, FN America and many more. CORPS 1804 was started as an outlet for my knowledge of good product design principles, understanding of manufacturing methods and experience making intriguing products for my passion of off-road travel. CORPS 1804 products start development from the viewpoint of the user which makes them different in appearance, usability, and value than products from other companies. Because they are not the same as many products out there, much time is spent adding information to this website to help you understand the products and how to use them. And, just to give you an extra warm fuzzy feel, they are all designed, built, and tested in Colorado and Utah. If you have questions on any of the products, shoot me an email and I will be glad to help you out. Thank you for stopping by.


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