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The "CORPS 1804" 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack is a Retro Modern design which forms the foundation for our entire rack system. This configuration hearkens back to the more traditional cross bar style used on classic 4x4s and family adventure mobiles. But, while being retro, this rack is modern in that it possesses carefully thought out features to adapt to how you want to use the rack. The rack works in unison with our expanding offering of accessory items, but is also DIY friendly, allowing you to create your own personal solutions using items from your local hardware store. So feel free to build out your CORPS 1804 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack for your Off-Road or Overlanding adventures just the way you want it.


Contents of info below:


1. Is this the 2010-2023 4Runner Roof Rack you are looking for?

2. How to fit your gear to this rack


-Hi Lift Jack

-Roof Top Tent  - * One limitation to Roof Top Tents is noted in this section*

-Cargo Cases

3. Rack Design

4. SXM/Radio Reception


1. Is this the rack you are looking for? - Just a little blog posting to help you decide if this is the 4Runner Roof Rack for your needs.


2. How to fit your gear to this rack -


Since we approach rack design from a different angle, we have outlined how to use the rack with a number of different gear items.


Awnings - Our rack uses a 2" x 2" hole spacing with slots located between the holes to work with most awning brackets. We also offer an awning bracket for smaller awnings that can be placed in numerous positions on the rack to give you higher or lower mounting heights, i.e. headroom, or, allow you to mount the awning further out from the vehicle or further in toward the center. You can find out more by clicking here.


Hi-Lift Jack - The 60" long Hi-Lift jack can span the distance between the cross frames. Simply buy the 4xRac bracket made by Hi-Lift and mount it to the rack. The main holes on the cross frame are slotted front to back to allow for some adjustability when securing the brackets, allowing the bracket mounting bolts to fit through the jack stand. There are also larger holes in the rack which will allow you to do a DYI set up. See how we have mounted the Hi-Lift to our rack system in this short blog post.


Roof Top Tent - The Cross Frames of this rack are 50" apart from center to center. The closest set of holes from the front to the back are 48 " apart and the holes furthest apart are 52" apart. Most hard-shell tents should not have an issue fitting on to the rack. Tents that flip out to the side need to be looked at more closely. Many of these are around the 55" length front to back. Some do not have mounting rails that run the full length of the tent which may restrict them from being PROPERLY secured. Check the length of the mounting rails and follow the manufactures recommendation for maximum mounting width. (This is hard to find info and you may need to contact the tent manufacturer.) We also offer a retro fit mounting kit that will secure tents currently using the teeter-totter system of long bolts and a straps going under the cross bars with a much more secure system. You can check it out more here.

** For the rear hatch to open up fully with a Roof Top Tent the end of the tent's mounting rails need to be 5" or less from the most rearward part of the tent. If the distance is more the tent moves too far rearward and will block the hatch from opening fully.**


Cargo Cases - There are two ways to go with mounting cargo Cases to this rack system. The more limited option, yet less expensive, is to buy a 55" long or longer cargo box and mount it directly to the crossframes. The more flexible method is to mount it on the "Carrier Deck". Check out this short blog for more details on these two options.


3. 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack Design - We know our racks are different from other racks on the market, and  this makes it hard for people to know how to use them. This rack design focuses on being flexible but also secure. It has dedicated solutions for some items, but it also allows you the freedom to craft your own solutions with fasteners from a hardware store. We mostly work around the M8 screw size but if you want to go 3/8", that will work too. Using box wrenches, Allen wrenches and socket wrenches, will make working with the rack go smoother than adjustable wrenches (actually, just forget about using adjustable wrenches, not worth the headache). Another key factor in making installations of other products easier is screw length. Most applications only need a 25 -30 mm long screw. This allows a socket wrench to slide off the end of the screw you are tightening on the under side of the rack and not be trapped between it and the vehicle.


4. SXM/Radio Reception - While we provide clearance to the factor shark fin antenna, the rack does partially shield it from a full 360 degree view of the sky. Our experience has shown some reduction in signal quality or performance. While not specifically studied, fast changes in direction and bumpy roads seem to be the biggest issue while highway driving has less frequent interruptions. For comparison, roof top tents will have more of an adverse affect on the listening experience than the rack.

the "CORPS 1804" 5th Gen 4Runner Roof Rack for Off-Road / Overlanding

SKU: 0001
  • Width - Front/Back 55.35"/55.35"
    Height - Top of Rack to Top of Roof at Center of Vehicle between factory mounting points 2.55"/3.45"
    Weight 34 lbs


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